Falmouth june 11th

The sky is grey and it’s windy and rather cold when i get up. The decking is still wet but it has stopped raining. After the usual morning routine (coffee, breakfast, shower, watching the weatherforecast, updating the website,..) I put on my walking shoes for a walk to Flushing. Via Penryn it takes me to the other side of Penryn river. The route isn’t much used it seems as it is partly overgrown and, because of the rain yesterday, it’s quite slippery in certain parts. After a short while the sun starts to shine and it becomes instantly warm. The route is very quiet and I encounter not a living soul. Well, almost that is, a Robin Readbreast blocks the narrow path. The little bird isn’t in a very good shape unfortunately and is just sitting there, in the middle of the narrow path, breathing slowly. It does not appear te be frightened by my appearance, maybe it’s already too far gone. It’s a sorry sight and I try to give it a little pep talk. I don’t think it helps…and with a light pet over it’s little head I continue  my journey to Flushing. Flushing is a very small coastal town with only about 700 inhabitants and is situated just opposite Falmouth on the other side of Penryn RIver.


Wikifact: the village was founded in 1661. Originally named Nankersey, meaning valley of the reed swamp, the village was given it’s name by Dutch engineers from Flushing (red: Vlissingen) in the Netherlands who built the three main quays in the village.


Fortunately there is a ferry service between Flushing and Falmouth so i don’t have to walk the same way back. Back in Falmouth i visit the visitors centre to get some ideas for the next couple of days. While i’m here i  also visit the local chandler. Not that i need anything but it’s always nice to just wander around and maybe get some new ideas. One of the first things i see is the so called ‘gullsweep’. I had seen them a lot in the harbours but never new what they were called. They look a bit like a helicopter rotor blade and are seen on many small fishing vessel. The wind turns the blade and will probable keep the boat clear of seagulls and other birdlike creatures. I don’t need one of those but I do buy a new thermos flask. Mine has lost it’s interest in keeping the contents heated it appears and it’s nice to not have to (re)heat water every time I want something hot to drink (especially under way). And it saves gas! On my way back to the harbour I buy some sandwiches and dine on a little bench, near the road to the harbour, overlooking Penryn River and its multitude of moored yachts.

Back on board I fill both (new and old) thermos flasks with hot water for a test and I give the TV another try. I updated the software this morning so maybe it will work now. And it does seem to be doing fine…. The movie (The Brave One a thriller with Jodie Foster) keeps playing on my screen. That is, until it gets really exciting…and the TV switches off, to a black screen and to a different channel where family guy is playing (a series I find really annoying). Really annoyed I manage to see the last part of the movie whilst continuously zapping back to the right channel. It’s a good and exciting movie but the special effects my software created during the last part  spoiled a big part of the enjoyment I’m afraid. Annoyed I close down the lid of my laptop, get my e-reader and get into bed. Tomorrow will be another day.

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